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Areas of Funding

Your contribution is important to us. Gifts may be made directly to Hillel for general purposes to support our mission; however, if you wish to create an endowment for a particular purpose, the following areas are available for funding.

Professional Development and Executive Leadership Training

Hillel is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining highly talented professionals. The Human Resources Department assists employees with their career paths, provides guidance and tools to campus Hillels looking to hire new professionals, and connects all employees to the resources needed to make Hillel a Great Place to Work. Hillel provides numerous opportunities to support the professional development of its campus professionals, including coaching opportunities for directors, mentoring and training for young talent, career development, and Great Place to Work grants for local Hillel professionals.

Alternative Breaks and Tzedek

Hillel is the leading provider of Jewish Alternative Break service learning experiences. These immersion experiences provide students with the opportunity to provide vital hands-on services to communities in need, highlighting the connection between community service and the Jewish obligation to pursue social justice (tikkun olam). Hillel invests significant resources in training its staff to implement the educational curriculum, facilitate meaningful Jewish experiences, and connect Alternative Break alumni with additional Jewish and service opportunities when they return to campus.

Student Leadership Training

Hillel is committed to identifying and training emerging leaders in different local communities through a variety of leadership and professional development programs. Hillel activists often become the backbone of local Jewish communal organizations. These programs will help student leaders develop the necessary skills to take pride in and ownership of their Jewish identity, learn how to mobilize others, develop their leadership vision, and equip them to become ambassadors to the community at large. These opportunities will provide students with a framework for making an enduring commitment to Jewish life in the years beyond college, laying the foundation for students walking across campus today to be tomorrow’s Jewish leaders.

Israel Education and Engagement

Hillel’s new Center for Israel Engagement brings together and augments Hillel’s existing Israel educational and engagement programs and resources to meaningfully engage more students with Israel and enhance their understanding and connection to the Jewish state. The Center creates the groundwork for Israel to become a prominent component of Jewish identity and focuses on engagement and education to meaningfully engage more students with Israel and enhance their understanding and connection to the Jewish state.

Global Jewish Peoplehood

Hillel is a global organization with a large presence not only on North American campuses, but also around the world.

Hillel Israel’s mission and scope has expanded dramatically since its establishment in Jerusalem in 1951. Today the mission of Hillel Israel is to engage the maximum number of students and young adults to take responsibility for their Jewish identity through meaningful activity on behalf of the community, the country, and the Jewish people. Hillel is working to empower Israeli university students to explore and strengthen their Jewish identity—inspiring them to create a more just, democratic, and pluralistic society.

Hillel was established in the Former Soviet Union in 1994, and since its inception Hillel has reconnected thousands of young Jews in the FSU, once denied access to their heritage, with Judaism and the Jewish people. Today Hillel in the FSU works to empower greater numbers of students through Jewish learning, celebration, arts and culture, social and community programs, Israel education, and Hebrew classes.

There are approximately 500,000 Jews living in Latin America, with over half of this population in Brazil and Argentina. As an international organization, Hillel is helping Latin American Jewish students discover their Jewish identity and develop an enduring commitment to Jewish life. The Hillels in Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina have become major forces in the local Jewish community and are active in diverse programming, including social action and community service, Israel education and engagement, arts, and culture.

For more information on any of these programs or how to set up a personalized planned-giving opportunity, please contact Lori Kranczer at or 202-449-6500.



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